At this level, the focus is on generating multiple diagnostic results (using Official SAT & ACT sample tests) to get a sufficiently large data pool to see trends in incorrect responses.

Score gains in the 1400s and 1500s for the SAT – or the low-to-mid 30s for the ACT – act as sequential levels, unlocking an ever-greater range of institutions for which students may be competitive. 

Typically, score gains in this score range (students are, after all, in the mid 90th percentile by this point) take time and a significant amount of work. This is simply because high achieving students face their own challenges in matching up to a standardized test. It is as likely as not that a student in our Advanced Program is overly sophisticated for the test – thinking of limits and calculus rather than the quirks of Algebra II or Precalculus, or analyzing Reading test questions in a manner that have themselves convinced that there are two possible answers.

So how long does it tend to take? Students should expect that they will need 4 sessions per subject. However, they may require more as a student needs 2-3 test results in their desired range to see those scores consolidated on test day.