Foundational Program INformation

One-on-One: Students in the Foundational Program will pursue a course of One-on-One tutoring. This can particularly be the case when a student has a time accommodation from the SAT (or the ACT, although the ACT is more reluctant to issue accommodations).

Moving a student's score can take time. In our experience, this translates into a minimum of 4 sessions per test section, although obviously we pay close attention to diagnostic scores as the ultimate gauge of progress. Typically,  student needs to have 2-3 practice test results in their desired score range to have the best chance to see those results reflected on test day.

As the process of moving a student's score in this program can take a longer period, we recommend building in checkpoint discussions with tutors, students, parents (and where applicable, learning specialists) to evaluate movement in diagnostic scores and to trouble shoot by committee.