At University Select, we collect more data on tests and on students, in a more dynamic fashion, than our competitors. We leverage our collective twelve years of teaching in higher education to mold a highly sophisticated, yet simple to teach, program. Our data insights and outside-the-box strategies allow SAT and ACT score gains to be made more quickly, and across a broader range of students, than has traditionally been the case in the standardized test prep industry. Read more about our difference.


University Select partners with schools to provide a range of ACT, PSAT & SAT programs. We can provide our teachers, provide our program taught by your teachers, provide our analytics and technology, or provide some combination thereof. We help schools chart a path to best reach their testing goals based on their school's particular profile.

    DATA: School-Wide PSAT Analysis

    Using our online platform and custom built reports, we provide an in-depth report on how your student body is performing on the PSAT or official SAT or ACT sample test. We aim to identify areas of comparative substantive strength and weakness for a particular institution, highlighting specific question types or methods that emphasize potential gaps between testing and the classroom (our analytics, our tech).

    DATA & Teach: Have us teach our ACT, PSAT & SAT programs

    We teach our programs at your school using University Select instructors (our program, teachers, analytics, tech).

    DATA & TRAIN: we train Your Teachers to use OUR Programs

    We train your teachers to teach our programs (your teacher & our program, analytics, tech). We have worked with industry professionals to ensure that we understand training best practices, and that our virtual training course (with periodic live consultations) is as accessible and seamless as possible.