How often should I schedule sessions? How many sessions are we looking at? 
— Parent

Your student meets a University Select tutor for one contact hour at a time. The tutoring session is planned exclusively on the basis of the student's previous diagnostic results. To generate this material, students are responsible for completing 2-3 hours of homework for each session, in the form of a Diagnostic Test and/or Targeted Practice. The diagnostic and practice results are submitted to a tutor 48 hours before the next session.

Taken together, these factors generally mean that sessions are scheduled at a regular weekly time. However, students are welcome to schedule sessions up to two sessions per week -- as long as they can complete the homework, and submit it on time. Click HERE to explore our calendar app, which allows you to pick the sessions that best fit your schedule. 

Click HERE for our recommendations on the number of tutoring sessions, depending as it does on previous scores and score goals. 

Can I break my one-on-one tutoring up into groups of sessions?
— Parent

Of course. In fact, we recommend it. Click HERE to see a typical example of how to organize a one-on-one course. If there is an overarching principle, it is that students arrange their one-on-one sessions so that they are peaking at the right time -- with 4 - 6 sessions immediately prior to their next test date. To much time lapse between tutoring and test day can lead to attrition. 

Which tests offer test day feedback, and is it worth having my student take one of those test dates? 
— Parent

Yes! See information below for test dates for which the ACT and SAT offer test day feedback. Three times a year, both tests allow students to order a copy of the test booklet and a list of their incorrect responses. The information offered by the College Board's Question & Answer Service (QAS) and the ACT's Test Information Review Release (TIR) is invaluable, particularly midway through a one-on-one tutoring course. 

It is often worth making sure your student schedules to take one of these tests. Note that the QAS or TIR can be either during test day registration, or retrospectively, up to 6 months following the test. Both services cost about $18-20 extra. 

  • SAT QAS - October, March & May test dates

  • ACT TIR - December, April & June test dates