How 1on1 Works

Each week, the student meets a University Select tutor for one contact hour. The tutoring session is planned exclusively on the basis of the student's previous diagnostic results. In other words, a student's most statistically significant incorrect responses on a diagnostic test or practice set form the basis for the tutoring session. To generate this material, students are responsible for completing 2-3 hours of homework each week, in the form of a Diagnostic Test and/or Targeted Practice.

How the 1on1 Tutoring Package Works

Students begin their tutoring with us doing a series of 8 1on1s. In these sessions they first learn and apply our strategies.

The student then takes their first (or second) official test.

In the subsequent 4 - 8 1on1 sessions, tutors build on the diagnostic results from the initial 1on1s, comparing them to the score results from test day to identify areas for further score growth. Tutors and students move quickly into targeted analysis and application because the foundational methods are understood for that next score jump!