1.    Your Admission Ticket: You must print out your admission ticket. You will not be able to gain entrance without a physical copy of the ticket. Showing it on your phone will not be sufficient. Log into your College Board Account and click on “Print Admission Ticket”.

2.    Your Photo ID: See here for requirements. But generally your ID needs to look like you, be unexpired, and be government issued.

3.    #2 Pencils (and eraser): Bring at least two pencils. Other writing implements are not allowed.

4.    Graphing or Scientific Calculator: See here for more specific information. Make sure that you have new batteries!

5.    Watch: You may or may not have a clock in your testing room, and if you do, you may not be able to easily see it. As tracking your time is essential, you should bring a watch. Notably, it cannot be a smart watch or phone, and it cannot make any noise. See here for more specific information. 

6.    Snacks & Drink: Being hydrated and well fed is essential! The test will be 3 hours and 15 minutes without the optional Essay. This is a mental endurance event! Fuel your body accordingly!