Students are welcome to sign up for just four sessions! Fewer sessions are recommended particularly when a student needs a small score boost and/or needs to focus on just one subject!

However, in the four years that we have tutored hundreds of students, we have found that - if a student requires a significant score boost and/or all subjects - even 8 sessions does not get them to their maximum potential. Instead, a student most often requires starting with 8-12 sessions, taking the test, and then following up again with 1on1 tutoring to achieve maximum score gains.

Notably - a student can still sign up for just four sessions to get a sense of how our program works and then sign up for additional sessions one-at-a-time. We offer one-on-one tutoring packages because the question we get most often is: how long will it take? What can we expect? Certainly we have had students who come to us for a handful of sessions and who have reached their goals. However, for the majority of our students, the process of significantly moving test scores takes time.