University Select’s Tutor Training Program

Each of our tutors is highly qualified and has graduated from competitive institutions. But that alone would be insufficient for the program-wide success we expect. Each of our tutors undergoes an intensive tutor training program. But that’s just the beginning. For as long as they work with University Select, each tutor participates in an ongoing mentorship program that includes a library of resource videos and weekly meetings with a Director to brainstorm student lesson plans.

We do this to ensure that - in addition to their considerable abilities as teachers - our tutors leverage University Select’s targeted data analysis and outside-the-box methods. We rely on our tutors to make real time assessments of a student’s needs. But we first make sure that they have all the training and resources they need to efficiently move your student’s score.


Harrison Goodall

Harrison is a medical school student at Emory University. Harrison graduated from Pomona College - ranked a top 5 liberal arts college nationally - in 2016 with degrees in Cognitive Science and Theatre. After graduation, he was awarded the prestigious Watson Fellowship which allowed him to conduct research on the science of movement in 16 countries. Equally comfortable with math as with reading, Harrison loves changing the script for students who struggle with standardized testing, particularly for those students whose test scores fail to match their GPA. He is a circus acrobat, dancer, yoga teacher and loves blending art and science.


Michelle Peters

Michelle graduated as valedictorian from Orange Park High School and headed north to Duke University where she could experience every season of the year. She graduated magna cum laude from Duke where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and an elementary education teacher certification. Michelle then continued at Duke University where she earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2001 and became a licensed physical therapist.

Nowadays, you can find Michelle homeschooling her five children, serving alongside her husband at their church, teaching classes at her girls’ dance studio, and cheering loudly for her boys on the sidelines of any given sport. Having extensive classroom and one-on-one tutoring experience, Michelle continues her love to encourage students in their academic endeavors with University Select. 

Mark Bateh.jpg

Mark A. Bateh

A native of Jacksonville, Mark is a product of the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) system.  Mark earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a Master of Statistics, both from the University of Florida. Go Gators!  For over 30 years, Mark has worked in industry and consulting, often advising company executives on the best of use of data to solve business problems. Mark has served as an adjunct instructor for over 30 years, working with several universities, both in the classroom and teaching online.  Mark is proud of his ability to make complex material understandable.

Mark lives in Jacksonville with his wife and two children.  He enjoys sporting events, musical theatre, and playing music.

Helen Voyager Faculty Pic.jpg

Helen Geter

Born and raised in New York City, Helen has maintained an avid fascination with “why?” Upon graduation from Marist College with a degree in English, Writing, and Secondary Education, she found her footing at Marvel Comics, where she was a longtime marketing executive. Six children later, Helen pursued her love of words as a high school English teacher, challenging and encouraging her students to explore the infinite world of inquiry. She has contributed to the growth of thousands of students for more than a decade in the public school systems of several states including Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Her experience includes Project Based Learning, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, Journalism, and Forensics mentoring. An irreparable bibliophile, she is happiest when she is either making or reading books.


Sandy Fitzburgh

Sandy is an experienced teacher and tutor, with special expertise in mathematics and a rich background in finance, teaching and real estate. Sandy earned an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business at NYU, a Bachelor of Science from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.  Sandy is also a candidate for Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

For over 30 years, Sandy has advised senior executives from some of Americas largest corporations on complex investment and corporate finance topics. Sandy is also a licensed real estate broker and currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife and 3 boys. When not tutoring or closing real estate deals, Sandy enjoys golf, music and spending time with his family.

In addition to test prep, Sandy also tutors a range of math-related subjects. 

Picture Meghan.jpg


Megan is from Memphis, Tennessee, where she graduated as salutatorian from St. Mary's Episcopal School. She then attended Princeton University, where she majored in religion and graduated magna cum laude. Now, she is pursuing her Master of Divinity at Duke University alongside her husband, and she is planning to apply to social work programs in hopes of becoming a counselor. In addition to being an avid lover of learning, she enjoys teaching and tutoring others in a variety of subjects, ranging from standardized testing and math to topics in disordered eating and public speaking. Megan enjoys cooking (and eating), reading, yoga, kickboxing, and spending time with others in her free time.

2018 10 29 tim headshot.jpg


Tim graduated, with honors, from Georgetown University with a degree in English in 2016. In 2018 Tim graduated with honors from United Lutheran Seminary, completing his M.Div. Previously serving as a tutor and CEO of Atlas Educational Services, LLC, a tutoring service in Cleveland, OH, Tim is comfortable helping students succeed in math and reading, and deeply invested in student success. When not tutoring or pastoring, Tim enjoys reading, theater, and walking on the beaches of Erie with his beagle.

Julia photo.jpg


Julia is a recent graduate of Yale University, where she majored in Political Science. In preparation for law school next year, she is pursuing her passion for public service through her internship at the Office of the State Attorney in Duval County. As a tutor, Julia believes strongly in the importance of building student confidence in their own ability to succeed. When she isn’t working, Julia loves reading, finding new restaurants, beating her husband in Jeopardy, and spending time with her daughter.


Francisco Torres

Francisco is a San Diego transplant to the equally sunny Jacksonville community. He graduated Yale University in 2018, where he majored in History of Science, History of Medicine and Public Health, while also completing the pre-medical studies track. After graduating, Francisco worked in an Environmental and Evolutionary Biology Lab, where he processed and analyzed DNA samples from various species all over the globe. Francisco strives to not only help his students excel in the standardized tests they take, but also foster a long-lasting love of learning. When not working, Francisco can be found spending time with his family, watching philosophy videos on Youtube, or learning something new.