University Select was a gamechanger for us. Gaining entrance to universities was a stressful process and the standardized test taking seemed an insurmountable challenge - one which was overwhelming to our son who struggled with test taking. Hearing the phrase, “If you could just get your SAT or ACT test scores up” became familiar and daunting. That all changed with University Select that presented a process which enabled our son to zero in on the content and process to most effectively and efficiently impacted his score gains. Plus, he respected and liked his tutors and saw instant value in his learnings, not only for the standardized test but also in his every day school. His confidence improved and his test scores climbed. In the end, he received acceptance to three major universities that at one time seemed impossible. We are forever grateful!
— Ann & Rich Thompson (Parents to 2019 ESJ graduate)
This is an excellent program! Their methods of taking the SAT really work. Shane had an impressive score leap after having 4 one on one sessions. Instructors are extremely professional and helpful.
— Michelle (2017)
University Select helped me achieve more than I could imagine. Working with tutors Ashleigh and Jonathan to improve my scores for the ACT brought my score up 6 points! They taught me effective testing and time management strategies. With their help, I was accepted into all of the 8 colleges and universities that I applied to! I decided to attend the University of Florida to further my academic career! 
— Neha (2017)
Thank you again to the fabulous tutors at University Select. My son Nick received his acceptance letter from Yale today. He couldn’t have done it without your help. Your guidance, tutelage, and support throughout his journey contributed to this great achievement. We are so very proud of him!  
— Patti (Parent, 2018)
Nick Yale.jpeg
I worked with one of University Select’s tutors during my junior year. Using data analysis of my sophomore year PSAT, I was able to focus on the question types that would represent the biggest score gains. I felt thoroughly prepared, and the methods I learned enabled me to perform at my best.

— Connor Murphy, National Merit Finalist (ESJ 2019 graduate)
Our family can’t say enough wonderful things about University Select’s program. Our son saw explosive gains on the SAT and ACT! His gains have now placed him in a much better position to comfortably apply to very competitive schools. Each tutoring session was conducted with specific goals and very direct instruction. University Select made the sessions easy to get through and fun for our son. I highly recommend University Select and most certainly will use them for my other children!
— Carmen (Parent, 2015)
Megan Arnold UT.jpg
Both my boys worked with Jonathan and were able to increase their ACT scores significantly. I am always quick to recommend your program to friends. Your dedication and commitment to helping your students succeed is unsurpassed!
— Patti (Parent, 2017)
I took the Writing & Math Boot Camp and my scored moved up by 100 points! I am thrilled because this means that after this course I received the highest level of Bright Futures scholarship. Most tutoring places just offer tricks, but University Select helped me understand the skills you are asked to perform on test day!
— Megan (2017)
With only two one-on-one sessions and the use of many practice tests, I was able to increase my score to 1520: a jump of 140 points from my practice tests. 
— Chiara (SAT, 2017)
Our four children have worked with University Select, and we are thrilled with the results. Each child worked with a different University Select tutor, and they all received high quality, customized instruction. University Select’s methods helped to bridge the gap between what they had learned in the classroom and what is asked on the test. The data and diagnostics, used by University Select to determine which types of questions a student needs to focus on, was very helpful for our children. University Select knows and understands the test — they aren’t just teaching tricks or reteaching broad content. They have a very effective new system that worked really well for each child in our family!
— Andree King (Parent to 3 2019 ESJ graduates)
Local parents of High Schoolers: If you’re interested in an awesome SAT/ACT prep team, I would highly recommend University Select. Megan attended a couple of their workshops over the summer, and she had a great improvement on this last SAT test! Plus, I’ve known one of the owners, Ashleigh, for many years! She and Jonathan make a great team and are really dedicated to the success of their students!!!
— Brenda (Parent, 2017)
Katie Princeton.jpeg
We could not have navigated the test prep process without the wonderful guidance of Jonathan and Ashleigh.  Not only did they help Katie with the nuts and bolts of superior test prep, they provided much-needed encouragement and support leading up to test day.  Their exhaustive knowledge of the ACT format allows them to provide very specific targeted work to each individual. Thank you so much University Select!
— Becky (Parent)
Thank you Jonathon and Ashleigh, and your awesome team, for being the most incredible SAT tutors imaginable. Your expertise and genuine dedication to your students are unsurpassed! -
— Regina (Parent, 2015)
Thank you guys so much for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you! :)
— Sara (ACT, 2017)
With the help of University Select, I was very prepared for the redesigned SAT. I only had to take the exam once because I was able to get the score I needed to get accepted into the University of Florida, my first choice, and receive the Florida Bright Futures scholarship.
— Morgan (SAT, 2016)
Caroline Vandy.jpeg
Based on the schools to which I wanted apply, I needed at least a 200-point increase on my overall score. I ended with a 330 point increase and a perfect math score. Not only did the list of universities within my reach expanded exponentially, I was offered scholarships from Florida State University, the University of Florida, Rollins College, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. University Select ‘s personalized study plan, detailed strategies, outside work requirement and encouraging spirits boosted both my confidence and my scores! Without my primary tutor, Ashleigh Barnes, I would not have had the opportunity to select this university as my new home.
— Caroline (2017)
I didn’t think it was possible to look forward to ACT tutoring—after all, I certainly have never met anyone who chooses to spend their free time reading ACT prep books. However, Jonathan’s kind and encouraging warmth made the process truly enjoyable, while the University Select strategies he presented and the comprehensible way he explained things completely changed the way I approached the test.  The methods helped me finish on time (a problem I struggled with frequently) and receive a score beyond what I was hoping. He showed a genuine interest in my learning style and catered his tutoring accordingly. His dedication to helping me succeed was evident through the customized PowerPoints he spent time putting together in order to pinpoint my weakness and help me to resolve them. I went on to get a perfect score.
— Harrison (ACT, 2016)
I took University Select’s on ESJ SAT prep course my junior year. I was initially skeptical that I could get help in a course format. But University Select analyzed each student’s diagnostic results through their platform and gave really specific strategies that were tailored to me. The teachers were great at delivering the material. My score went up significantly, and I was admitted to my top choice institutions. This is a great program - not your average test prep!
— --Lindsay Poulos (ESJ 2018 graduate)
I started SAT tutoring with Jonathan in the fall of 2014 in preparation for the October test date. University Select made me feel like they were invested in my improvement and wanted me to succeed. They were extremely patient with me when I couldn’t initially grasp a concept, and would rephrase it until it was presented in a way that was easier for me to understand. University Select catered to my strengths and improved my weaknesses, and my practice test scores improved by a large margin from week to week. This made me feel confident and prepared on test day. I continued to prepare with University Select for the January and June tests, and saw my scores improve.
— Maggie (SAT, 2015)
Davis2 GT.jpg
I was motivated to work with University Select because my older brother prepped with them and was pleased with both the process, as well as with his score gains. While I utilized the group and One-on-One format, I was very impressed with the instruction and attention I received from the tutors. Ashleigh and Jonathan helped me develop efficient and clear cut strategies, giving me the confidence to quickly access and attack each question. My improved test scores allowed me to sucessfully apply to colleges I previously thought were out of reach. Thank you, Ashleigh and Jonathan!
— Davis (2017)
Both Bond and Ben worked with University Select - first in University Select Boot Camps, and then in their 1on1 program. These guys do smart prep. They use data insights to understand where points are being lost, and they have great strategies for almost every aspect of the tests. Both boys felt that their work with University Select was a key factor in achieving their test scores whether it be the SAT or ACT. We highly recommend them!
— Ellen and John Magevney (Parents to 2019 & 2020 ESJ graduates)